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FIVE Tips To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

The Secret To Long, Voluminous, Flutter Lashes? Lash Extensions!

But how you maintain eyelash extensions? 

Tip 1. Less Volume 

The thicker the lash the faster they will fall out. So if you are not a fan of volume then getting hybrid or classic sets will help you maintain you lashes for a longer period of time. 

Tip 2. Avoid your eyes

Make sure you aren't rubbing your eyes or rubbing your eyes into your pillow while you sleep. Also avoid using creams or oils near your eyes, using heavy oils and creams can break up the glue used on your extensions. 

Tip 3. Use an Eyelash Sealer 

A good eyelash sealer can hydrate your lashes while ensuring that the adhesive on your lash extensions remains strong. 

Tip 4. Avoid Water in the First 24 Hours 

Waiting at least 24-48 hours to use water around or on your eyes guarantees that the adhesive on your lashes dries properly. 

Tip 5. Don't Use Additional Lash Products 

Avoid using waterproof mascara and false eyelashes. These lash products require some tugging and they're harder to remove from lash extensions, which may tug on your extensions and cause them to fall off.

Thinking all this sounds like too much commitment? 

You don't have to begin your lash journey with eyelash extensions! If you want longer and fuller lashes but don't want to make the commitment to maintaining them then false lashes are the way to go!! Another benefit to false lashes? They come in a variety of lengths and volumes so you can change up your makeup looks every time. You can shop Christine Rose Lashes here on 

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