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SIX different wrinkle types and why you’re getting them

Ever wondered why you're getting wrinkles so young? What do you keep doing that they keep showing up?

Well we have some answers for you! There are actually seven different types of lines that you may get and they are broken up into two categories, which describe why they may be showing up now. 

1. Forehead Lines: These run horizontally on your forehead, specifically across the T-Zone 

2. Laugh Lines: These lines run as vertical parenthesis around your upper lip 

3. Worry Lines: These lines run vertically between your two eyebrows

4. Lip lines: These form vertically around the perimeter of your mouth 

5. Crow's Feet: These are horizontal lines running in the outer corners of your eyes

6. Bunnies: These lines will run horizontally between your eyes, right on the bride of your nose 

All these lines fall into two categories: Dynamic Wrinkles and Static Wrinkles. Because of your face's disposition they will develop from repeated facial movements or a loss of elasticity as you get older. Dynamic Wrinkles will develop from those repeated movements, like scrunching your knows or furrowing your brows. While Static Wrinkles are a result of aging and gravity taking over. So usually what mood you are in and how you rest your face will affect these line patters. 

Now how do you repair these lines? How can you prevent them or minimize their effects? 

Making healthier choices, like using products that will help your skin maintain a young and healthy appearance!

We, at By Christine Rose, offer protecting and repairing products! Our Eye Cream Magic will effectively reduce wrinkles AND dark circles, so you will get the best of both worlds. And our 16 piece Face Lift Pads will work to cease any habits that are causing these wrinkles. They are reusable, easy to adjust, and are perfect for anti-aging methods. 

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