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Sugaring VS Waxing: Which one is right for you?

Both Sugaring and Waxing get the job done, leaving a clean and smooth finish.

But with two hair lifting techniques which one is right for your? Is one better than the other? Or does one last longer than the other?

Well we know both techniques remove hair directly from the root so they do last longer than shaving. During a wax, a strip is used to remove your hair in the opposite direction as your growth pattern, while sugaring removes hair along its natural growth. One of the most noticeable differences is that wax will tend to be hotter than a sugar solution, which is room temperature. 

So lets break down each:

1. Sugaring: the more natural way of removing hair, uses a sugar paste melted in with lemon juice and sugar

This technique tends to cause less irritation and redness, so it is better for sensitive skin. It is a gentler technique and includes natural products like sugar, water, and glycerin. So you don’t have to worry much about allergies to products you may have. 

2. Waxing: It is fast and efficient, so larger areas can be waxed at one time

This solution contains azulene oil and an anti-inflammatory solution to reduce irritation.  

Generally results depend on your specific skin time and hair texture. While sugaring paste is molded unto your skin, wax is used with a single strip; therefore sugaring may last a bit longer. Sugaring is able to remove shorter hair though, while hair has to be at least a half-inch to be waxed. 

If you feel like your skin becomes too aggravated and irritated after waxing then sugaring might be the better option for you!

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