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Best Jawline Alike Kybella Solution For Double Chin, 5ml Otesaly Gel Serum, Slimming Jawline

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Best Jawline Alike Kybella Solution For Double Chin & Love Handles 5ml Otesaly Serum, Face/Body Slimming, Very Popular Equivalent to Kybella!
Removes unwanted fat and tightens surrounding skin. 

Can use on double chin and love handles. Lose that annoying fat without surgery especially in those areas that cannot be targeted by dieting. Get rid of that double chin! 

Plus tighten that skin on your jawline, you will look amazing, just picture it! Precise jawline and no double chin fat! 

Kybella costs hundreds (avg $600 per treatment) and here you have it equivalent product at great price!!
5ml bottle is about 2 treatment about 2.5ml per treatment for double chin. Each treatment should be every 4 weeks. Typically 3-5 treatments are average it really depends on each person. Results will be noticeable after 6-12 weeks. Use of a lidocaine cream is recommended. 

5ml bottle of solution

(Can be use with all hyaluronic pens)

You will need a numbing cream sold separately. Email me if you have any questions I respond within a few hours or quicker!

Longer Lasting! Compared to Juvederm, Sculptra and other brands. 

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