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Consulting Sessions, Online is the future! Start Your Own Business! Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Youtube,

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Start your own business within a year! Low investment!

Motivate your teen to as well!

Work from home, online is the future and you can do it too!

I am now accepting consultations and training sessions!

Consulting and training is by session (Apx 45 mins each). 

After checking out please email me, you must send an answer for each #1, 2 & 3 below. If you want multiple under #2 you must purchase more sessions because I wouldn’t be able to cover all discussions in 1 session. 

Must pay before booking, only 1 chance to reschedule, no refunds. 

1. Connecting;

a. (Video) Google hangouts for training, screen sharing.

b. Phone call 

2. Consulting or Training;

a. Basics, open to questions

b. Budgeting & Investment 

c. Shopify Advice

d. Shopify Training (not set up, you are responsible to set up your own store)

e. Etsy Advice

f. Etsy Training (not set up, you are responsible to set up your own store)

g. Amazon Advice

h. Amazon Training, requires 3 sessions at least (not set up, your are responsible to set up your own store) 

i. Accounting Basics

j. Youtube Advice

k. Social Media Advice 


3. Dates & times; (send a few, in case unavailable)

a. Weekdays after 7pm only 

b. Weekends anytime 


All product instruction will be in the product listing description or on our YouTube channel. Please bare with us during the transition of updating all of our instructions!

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance at


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